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Crispy Battered Salmon Pearls

Crispy Battered Salmon Pearls
Salmon Pearls

A cube of whole salmon Fillet (not reformed) coated in Light and Crispy Batter.

• Average 30 cubes per 500g bag
• 5x500g

The 500g (30 cubes avg. per Bag) will serve 6 good size starter portions or 7 good size combo portions.

Features and Benefits
• New to the market, this product offers flexibility - suiting a number of applications
on your customer's menu.
• Ideal as a starter or as part of a combo platter (e.g. with breaded
vegetables, chicken wings).
• Meals to share, children's food and summer salad.
• A new variation for surf n turf. Would enhance any buffet range.
• Can be served hot or cold.

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